Our Team

For 20 years co-owners Jerry Courter and Carol Courter have provided the DFW Metroplex with expertly designed furniture & storage systems. With special training in each area of residential or commercial design, Techline's space planners create detailed plans with 3D images of each design. That along with an experienced in-house installation team, you can trust that you will receive an efficient and beautiful system that meets your specific needs.

Carol K. Courter
President & Co-Founder

Carol K. Courter has always been an "organizational fanatic." She started Techline in 1991 out of necessity when building her own home and needed an organizational solution provider. The company's growth and expansion into more product offerings resulted in its current name, Techline Furniture, Cabinetry & Closets. "The beauty of Techline's furniture, closet and cabinet systems is the versatility of them," Carol says. "You can move them, re-design them and re-install them with little hassle. Our creative team and professional installers are there to help." Owning and organizing a small business has always been her forté as she previously owned a lingerie store in St. Louis, and worked as a bookkeeper for Harold's Department Store. But it's not all work for Carol, as she is a mother of three. When she is not at the office helping customers get their lives organized, Carol is a passionate knitter. She even has a custom built room in her house devoted to her craft! She says, "A well organized home and closet sets the tone for your day and your life. It is the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night."

carol osteen

Jerry D. Courter
Vice President of Sales & Co-Founder

Jerry D. Courter was an intern at a family owned furniture store when he first learned of Techline Furniture, Cabinetry & Closets. After graduating from the University of Indianapolis with a degree in business administration, Jerry went to Wisconsin to work as the first Techline factory-direct sales representative. The rest is history. Since 1993, he's served as the vice president of Techline Furniture, Cabinetry & Closets here in Fort Worth. Jerry has been around so long in the Techline family because, he says, Techline is different than other furniture manufacturers. "Our approach to customer service, design and our products is what really sets us apart," Jerry says. "We start each project by listening to our client's wants and needs, and by evaluating their space and how they interact with it. This is why each design is truly unique to them, and how they live and work." His favorite part of his job is the variety of the products and services. "Every project is different! While one day we might be working on someone's closet, the next day we're working on their dental office. This is what keeps things interesting!"

jerry courter

Karel “KJ” Topinka
Senior CAD Designer

Karel "KJ" Topinka has been the lead computer-aided design technician and project manager for Techline Furniture, Cabinetry & Closets since 2009. KJ first took vocational CAD classes in high school, which inspired him to attend ITT Technical Institute and University of Phoenix where he is in the process of getting his Bachelor degree in IT. He previously worked for GXT, Ltd. doing civil CAD drawings for 2.5 years where he created fiber optic and cable designs and UNARCO Material Handling doing the Structural CAD drawings for manufacturing. In his current position, KJ takes the designs for new Techline furniture and cabinetry products and turns them into computer graphics for use throughout the company. "The best thing about working for Techline is the customization that we offer to fit the client's needs," he says. In his free time, KJ enjoys building computers, fixing up cars and being a father to his young daughter. KJ finds that Techline can help any company or person increase productivity. "In my opinion, production on a large or small scale is directly affected by organization," KJ says. "Therefore the more organized a person or company is, the better the end result."

karel topinka